To Niche or Not to Niche?

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With the most popular social media apps, such as Instagram and Twitter, the ability to connect with anyone has now become a possibility, but what happens when companies want to target a specific audience? How can they stand out knowing that thousands of companies are also trying to capture the audience’s attention? This is when niche platforms come into use. Niche platforms have become beneficial for social strategy because they are platforms that are specifically tailored to an individual’s wants or needs. This has made it easier for companies to expose themselves in a more strategic way because they now narrow their target group and know exactly who to go to and where to go.

Though the “VSCO girl” ideology became very popular in 2019, the core of what the VSCO app consists of is far more profound than a fashion trend. VSCO is an app that is more centered on photography aesthetics via photo editing through filters. Not only has VSCO provided a photo editing app, but they’ve created a social media platform where individuals can share their photography and editing skills. When looking in the app, you can instantly tell that this is tailored to individuals specifically interested in photo editing rather than just a platform like Instagram that seems like it can contain a whole lot of random content.

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Moreover, Ring has become a very popular company that has created a lot of home safety products. I’d say that Ring has done an exemplary job in using niche platforms quite well. One of Ring’s most popular products has been their video doorbell which is basically a doorbell with an integrated camera that allows individuals to see who is ringing their doorbell and what is going on outside of their property. Ring then went ahead and created their very own app called Neighbors that specifically targets individuals who own Ring products and creates a space for building a safe community. On the app you can notify others of any crime going on in your neighborhood, report lost pets, and much more.

Source: Android Community

Niche platforms have become beneficial for social strategy because it narrows down the audience a company can reach out to. Rather than just hoping to target someone through Instagram, niche platforms allow companies to have the ability to target specific audiences that are more likely to purchase their products or be interested in their content.




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